The Wallace-Kelsey Research Foundation Biomedical research into the late effects of treatment on survivors of childhood cancer

Welcome to the Wallace-Kelsey Research Foundation

Hamish Wallace

Hamish Wallace

Our Clinical Director is Hamish Wallace MD, a paediatric oncologist, working at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh. He is also a Professor at the University of Edinburgh.

Tom Kelsey

Tom Kelsey

Our Scientific Director is Tom Kelsey PhD, a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computer Science of the University of St Andrews.

What We Do

The Wallace-Kelsey Research Foundation Ltd. is a UK charity (registration number 1116920) and a UK Limited Company (registration number 05591916).

We undertake and sponsor multidisciplinary and collaborative research projects aimed at improving the quality of life for childhood cancer survivors. Our main area of interest is reproduction - it is well known that chemo- and radiotherapies adversely affect reproductive capabilities, our aim is to quantify and mitigate these effects.

Featured Publication

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Ovarian Volume throughout Life: A Validated Normative Model

The measurement of ovarian volume has been shown to be a useful indirect indicator of the ovarian reserve in women of reproductive age, in the diagnosis and management of a number of disorders of puberty and adult reproductive function, and is under investigation as a screening tool for ovarian cancer. To date there is no normative model of ovarian volume throughout life. By searching the published literature for ovarian volume in healthy females, and using our own data from multiple sources (combined n = 59,994) we have generated and robustly validated the first model of ovarian volume from conception to 82 years of age. The full paper can be downloaded from PLoS ONE.